ABSTRACT. Morocco appears in French literary history at about the same time it enters the political history of France. The-first-trip-to-Morroco relations, male of course, are not necessarily reflected in the published literature in bookstores. They appear a little later in print. First, they are subject as letters or memoir manuscripts in the archives of libraries. It is only at the beginning of the 20th century and the signing of the Protectorate in 1912 the French journey will culminate in the feminine as traveling in Morocco is becoming more secure and safe. Many books appeared at that time. They hold both the guide and the travel narrative, punctuated by poetic visions, revealing as it were a sensitive soul or empathy. Henriette Célarié, among other travelers, wrote in 1923 a travelogue called tourist guide entitled “A Month in Morocco.” Based on the story of this writer-traveler, in this paper we will analyze the image of Moroccan women while emphasizing the fact that the technical de- scription is dependent on the gender (sex) of descriptor, which will lead to the determination of the major characteristics of French women viaticum writing in the early 20th century. pp. 64–83

Keywords: Moroccan woman, cultural image, French traveler, description

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Université Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fès, Morocco

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