ABSTRACT. This research synthesizes existing studies and investigates the neural correlates of consumer behavior. Using data from Deloitte, Demandbase, MarketingCharts, Pew Research Center, and SnapApp, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding the percentage of online shoppers who say they generally prefer to buy online/buy in physical store if given the choice, U.S. consumers’ purchase decision influencers, and aspects of the purchasing process. Empirical and secondary data are used to support the claim that neuroscience provides cutting-edge ways to assess incongruity in consumer behavior.
JEL codes: D11; D12; D91; N3; P46

Keywords: consumer cognition; neural correlate; decision process

How to cite: Drugău-Constantin, Andreea (2019). “Is Consumer Cognition Reducible to Neurophysiological Functioning?,” Economics, Management, and Financial Markets 14(1): 9–14.

Received 22 February 2018 • Received in revised form 24 May 2018
Accepted 26 May 2018 • Available online 28 June 2018


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