ABSTRACT. This paper argues that the most sustainable and ‘productive’ interface in advanced postindustrial societies in the twenty-first will be that between the knowledge and the ‘green economy.’ It charts three forms of the knowledge economy – the ‘creative’, ‘learning’ ‘open science’ economy – each of which profiles education as a central activity and ‘learning processes’ as the source of intellectual energy driving the new educational environment and shaping emergent knowledge ecologies. It discusses the significance of network analysis as a broad methodology that provides the basis in terms of policy for yoking large systems together – ecosophy, ecology and economics and social, ecological, and economic sustainability. Finally, the paper outlines the concept of ‘greening the knowledge economy’ as a basis for long-term sustainability. pp. 11–38
JEL: D83, I23, Q01

Keywords: knowledge, green economy, creativity, learning, open science

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

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