ABSTRACT. This article reviews recent literature concerning healthcare sector corruption. Using data from CGSS, Corruption Watch, Kaiser Family Foundation HTP, Livemint, LMG/USAID, Sixth Tone, and Transparency International, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding public perceptions and prevalent types of corruption in the health sector in CEE countries, and share of households and public officials in that region perceiving the health system as corrupt. The empirical analysis given in this article shows that corruption is a relevant cost determinant and a plague in destabilizing adequate health care services. Transparency is a pivotal mechanism in curtailing health corruption.
JEL codes: D73; D72; L22; L25

Keywords: governance; corruption; health care; CEE countries; public perception

How to cite: Ionescu, Luminița (2018). “Where Does It Hurt? Governance and Corruption in Health Care Delivery in CEE Countries,” Economics, Management, and Financial Markets 13(3): 80–85.

Received 28 February 2018 • Received in revised form 12 April 2018
Accepted 16 April 2018 • Available online 15 May 2018


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