Abstract. Major creative insights may challenge the fundamental assumptions of a discipline and may generate vigorous (and negative) reactions. Further, such creative insights may require that a scholar courageously defies the crowd and zeitgeist, strives to overcome obstacles and challenges to their views, and develops a strong work ethic that facilitates creativity. B. F. Skinner’s radical behaviorism is considered as a prototypical example of a major creative insight and current psychological research is discussed that supports Skinner’s writings. In addition to showing how radical behaviorism was a major creative insight, the present article evaluates Skinner’s writings with the aim to “buy low and sell high” as advocated by an investment approach to creativity (Sternberg & Lubart 1995)
Key words: creativity; determinism; free will; radical behaviorism; B. F. Skinner; unconscious

Goddard MJ (2023) Creativity and the radical behaviorism of B. F. Skinner. Creativity 6(2): 89–103. doi:10.22381/C6220233

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Department of Psychology,
University of New Brunswick;
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

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