Abstract. This paper aims to review the survey on dragon imaginary as seen through Francis Huxley’s perspective in The dragon: nature of spirit, spirit of nature (London: Thames and Hudson, 1989). The anthropologist explores diverse aspects of the dragon, its reception and physical representations by various cultures of the world, for example the Greek or the Hindu, and brings together all these materials to seek similarities, differences or simply translations of the dragon myth from one belief system to another.
Key words: dragons; myth; Milky Way; cosmology; elements; fire; water; spirit; nature; cycle; horns; chimera; snakes

Asaftei L (2023) Francis Huxley on the dragon’s journey: a cultural survey of its mythical imagery. Creativity 6(1): 77–91. doi:10.22381/C6120234

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Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures,
English Department,
University of Bucharest,
Bucharest, Romania

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