Abstract. The following research presents a systematic grammar of the English phrasal verb or verb with particle(s). It comprises the following sections: a) An introduction, in which we familiarize the reader with the most important aspects of seven types of this grammatical form: 1) verb + adverb; 2) verb + preposition; 3) verb + compound preposition (i.e. adverb + preposition); 4) verb + adjective; 5) verb + infinitive; 6) verb + more than one particle; 7) verb + adprep (i.e. adverb/preposition). b) A section (§1) in which we describe a systematic grammar (basic and complex morphology, syntax and semantics) of the English phrasal verb organized in 9 chapters: the first 7 chapters are grouped in accordance with the seven types mentioned above; chapter 8 focuses on interrogative forms; chapter 9 focuses on the nominalization of the phrasal verb. c) A section (§2) in which we present a systematic vocabulary (an advanced lexis) of the English phrasal verb, organized in two large subsections, one listing the particles, the other listing the phrasal verbs themselves, grouped again in accordance with the seven types mentioned above, but also including a subsection (“Phrasal verbs with one or more than one particle: complex phrasal constructions”), in which are listed phrasal verbs having more or less an idiomatic nature. The present systematic and synthetic research can be thus useful as an in-depth introduction to the most fundamental questions related to the English verb with particle(s).
Key words: phrasal verb; prepositional verb; adverb; (compound) preposition; adjective; infinitive; adprep; nominalization; passivization; systematic grammar; systematic vocabulary

Stroe MA (2023) The English phrasal verb: systematic grammar and vocabulary. Creativity 6(1): 93–301. doi:10.22381/C6120235

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University of Bucharest,
Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures,
English Department;
Bucharest, Romania

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