ABSTRACT. This is a study of the correspondence between Forms and particulars in Plato. The aim is to determine whether they exhibit an ontological symmetry, in other words, whether there is always one where there is the other. This points to two questions, one on the existence of things that do not have corresponding Forms, the other on the existence of Forms that do not have corresponding things. Both questions have come up before. But the answers have not been sufficiently sensitive to the intricacies of the questions. Nor have they been adequately resourceful with what little evidence there is in the original sources. The intention here is to make up for that deficiency, not just with better answers but also with better insight into the questions.

Keywords: Plato; Formless things; empty Forms; transcendence; immanence; instantiation

How to cite: Alican, Necip Fikri (2017), “Ontological Symmetry in Plato: Formless Things and Empty Forms,” Analysis and Metaphysics 16: 7–51.

Received 7 October 2016 • Received in revised form 16 November 2016
Accepted 17 November 2016 • Available online 19 December 2016

doi: 10.22381/AM1620171

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Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis

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