ABSTRACT. I inspected the relevant literature on the visual content in the social media realm, providing both quantitative evidence on trends and numerous in-depth empirical examples. Building my argument by drawing on data collected from Adobe, Audience Project, Pew Research Center, Software Advice, and Statista, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding most important tactics for optimizing content on social media (use images or photos/include hashtags and usernames/target specific groups or users/use CTAs (share, retweet, follow)/optimize image size for each network/use videos/limit the number of characters), among internet users, percentage who have reposted images and videos they found elsewhere online and percentage who repost both (curators), percentage of U.S. adults (in each age group) who say they use the main social media sites online or on their cellphone, and share that use the main social media apps “several times a day.”

Keywords: mobile visuality; technologically-mediated relationship; social image

How to cite: Mircică, Nela (2018). “Mobile Visualities and Technologically-Mediated Relationships: How Images Are Shaping Online Users’ Social Lives,” Analysis and Metaphysics 17: 146–151.

Received 10 August 2018 • Received in revised form 1 November 2018
Accepted 12 November 2018 • Available online 12 December 2018


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Spiru Haret University, Bucharest

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